Packaging design

“Uoga Uoga”

Designers: studio „Andstudio“

Client: „Uoga Uoga“, 2023

Handmade cosmetics are available to everyone today. "Uoga uoga has spread widely to different outlets in Lithuania and Europe. The small brand, decorated with hand-drawn symbols, no longer reflects today's modern urban audience. The creative challenge is to find a new way to present natural cosmetics. The new identity of "Uoga uoga" reveals a direction of richness. Cosmetics that come from nature are saturated and rich in ingredients. They make it possible to create quality products that help you take better care of yourself every day. " Uoga" is a name that promises a natural, juicy product that meets everyone's needs. Combining two contrasting directions, "Uoga Uoga" balances between urbanity and natural sources. This two-way approach is directly represented in the identity. The wide range of colours in the different packaging not only signifies the different products, but also illustrates the direction of lushness. The clear, geometric font is a reflection of the urban city. We create spaces in the letters of the logo. They mean more space between the city walls to experience nature. While other natural cosmetic brands still adorn their packaging with decorative and calm elements, "Uoga uoga" finds its own unique language, inspired by the fusion of nature and the city.