Multimedia design

Typographic project “Atmeno”

Designer: Gintarė Razmaitė

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija, 2023

In order to preserve the distinctive Samogitian dialect for as long as possible and to ensure its success in written and digital culture, a variety of digital fonts adapted to the dialect is essential. Exploring our connection to the Samogitian dialect: reading, writing, speaking and listening, a font for the Samogitian dialect was created. A personal sense of language was translated into letterforms - between the archaic and the contemporary. The project is complemented by an interactive installation that invites to experience the Samogitian dialect. Viewers can write down Samogitian sentences on paper, intuitively following the rays of light moving on the surface. It is not necessary to speak Samogitian. Samogitian words and unique grammatical structures, forgotten by many, come alive again. Gradually, a shared typographic work is created for the audience, where writing becomes a way of remembering and preserving. The installation consists of a metal structure and a transparent tabletop, a projector and a roll of paper. An animation loop is projected from below onto the tabletop covered with paper. Letter shapes are drawn on the paper using a marker to trace the moving light rays. Once a complete sentence has been written, a blank section of paper is pulled away from the roll to allow the writing process to continue.