Packaging design

“Acorus Callamus” herbal selection tea assortment

Designer: Dovilė Džervutė Laurinkienė

Client: „Acorus“, 2022

Using our more than 140 years of experience with herbs, the wisdom of science and nature, and the tradition of herbal tea, we have carefully selected the best and highest quality herbal teas. The 4 herbs in the set stand out for their wonderful, rich and balanced flavours. Discover the flavours and impeccable quality of carefully selected herbal teas. To bring out these delicate subtleties of taste and quality, we have paid great attention to the packaging and all the charming details. The stunning illustrations, the minimalist, natural colour palette and the silver foil create a luxurious but quiet aesthetic. This tea set is designed for a sophisticated customer who appreciates good taste and naturalness, so we have tried to create a harmonious and subtle packaging.