Multimedia design


Designer: Sigitas Gužauskas

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija, 2023

A Bioprinter is a media device that creates a unique information experience. It transforms dry and uninteresting data for experts into compelling data stories for a wider audience. The Bioprinter enables innovative data visualisation. It is an alternative to traditional charts or infographics. This way of visualising data promotes information ecology - the slow and deliberate consumption of information. Bioprinter has created an artificial ecosystem that visualises data using living moss. The Bioprinter is based on bio-pixels, each covered with a layer of moss spores. These bio-pixels respond to controlled levels of water and light that correspond directly to the data values. Within a few weeks, the Bioprinter produces a multi-coloured surface map of different textures. In this case, the map visualises climate change on the territory of Lithuania, representing changes in rainfall in certain parts of the country. In the landscape created by Bioprinter, the different appearances of mosses reflect different aspects of the rainfall data, such as droughts, floods or typical weather conditions. This media device can be seen as a bridge that connects the often complex language of expertise with a wider audience, creating a platform for meaningful discussion on relevant topics.