Visual identity


Designers: agency „Creative agency“

Client: „EIKA", 2023

EIKA is developing a new real estate project in premium locations such as Užupis and Žvėrynas. The aim of the project was to successfully introduce the Persona brand and communicate the uniqueness and value of Persona projects to target audiences (35-45+ year olds with higher education and middle to high income). Personos will be a home for a diverse and charismatic community of people who could live in any city in the world, but who choose Vilnius for its uniquely inspiring place to live. Community is not the only feature that gives shape to a real estate project, but the location and structure of the project are also important. That is why we created the Personos brand based on the contours of the project location. For each individual project, we created a unique symbol, incorporating facial features into the outline. As the client plans to develop more projects under the Personos brand, each new project will be based on the contours of the specific location. To emphasise the uniqueness of the project ("icons"), we used minimalist layouts inspired by floor plans. We have chosen a dark brown and white colour scheme to convey the sophisticated and premium look of the project.