Visual identity

“Junction” visual identity

Designers: studio „Sons & Daughters ID“, komanda: Kornelija Žalpytė, Adomas Jazdauskas, Justina Čiačytė, Gabija Kartovickytė, Gediminas Juškys, Gailė Bučiūnaitė, Dovilė Dovidavičiūtė

Client: „Junction“, 2022 - 2023

Most investment funds aim to find revolutionary new solutions and innovations. But Junction is interested in existing inventions that just need to be scaled. Junction believes that such a down-to-earth approach is of greater value for the energy transition. To respond to this out-of-the-box approach, Junction wanted to create a brand identity that was expressive and meaningful. The founding team of the Foundation includes both former entrepreneurs and investment professionals. Each member brings their own competences and experience. This "junction" of skills and perspectives is expressed in the visual identity through directional cuts and shapes, while the dual colour schemes in the background reveal the dual nature of the founders' competences. The symmetry of the backgrounds is combined with uplifting illustrations that emphasise the authenticity and sincerity of the Foundation. As Junction is based in Belgium, the style of the illustrations is inspired by the legendary Belgian Tintin comics. They were created by artist Georges Rimi.