Product and industrial design

“HR Bank”

Designer: Lukas Avėnas

Client: „Tukas EV“, 2023

The HR Bank is a unique, portable, sustainable energy storage that looks like a gym, works like a gym, but does much more than just keep you fit. The energy it stores, whether human, solar or conventionally generated, can then be used to power or charge any household appliance. A 15-minute pedal is enough to charge a smartphone, and an hour's pedal is enough to fully charge a laptop. HR Bank adapts to you! Set it up the way that suits you best. Set your individual pedal, handlebar and seat height. Choose the seating position or even the type of seat that suits you best - if you're in the mood for shoulder pedalling, swap the HR Bank seat for a sports seat borrowed from your bike. And with additional desk accessories, the HR Bank can be transformed into a dynamic workplace. Recycled aluminium and other sustainable materials are used in the production process, leaving no CO₂ footprint. We designed the HR Bank to last as long as possible. Well, if the HR Bank does need to be repaired, we have made every effort to ensure that parts are easy to replace or easy to repair. The HR Bank can be connected to a wind turbine, an electrical outlet, a solar panel or even a car socket and can easily store energy generated in any sustainable way. The 2 kWh battery allows you to keep the lights on for 4 days and watch TV for 2 days. Brew 150 cups of espresso, keep ice cream from melting in the freezer for 3 days, or charge 133 smartphones - the HR Bank has you covered. With the 3D online configuration tool, you can choose the colours, materials and finishes that suit your tastes and décor. Thanks to its versatile design, it can fit into any environment, from a campervan to a luxury apartment, as it combines aesthetics and functionality.