Collection of health-promoting accessories “From object to subject”

Author: dr. Elzė Sakalinskaitė - Beinaravičienė

Client: Vilniaus Dailės Akademija

The combination of medicine and accessory is quite a new and less developed sphere, yet, useful for the user. Modern splints are often designed unrelated to the user – taking the disease into consideration more than the patient who uses the splint. Health promotion is thus the most important function of the splint. There is no strive to personalize the splint adapting it to the lifestyle, habits, and aesthetic sense of the exact person. Designers ignore the psychological or social conditions of the splint wearer. The desire to wear a medical splint and its positive psychological effect become as important and sensitive as the physical condition of the user. Precisely health-promoting accessory, which combines medicine and aesthetics, serves as a curative and decorative item that reflects the needs of the modern individual. It can serve the disabled person to represent his personality, experience positive aesthetical emotions and positive responses from the social environment, thus consequently improve the health-promoting possibilities of a patient. My collection of health-promoting accessories „From object to subject“ respond to these ideas. It is a line of conceptual, modern, and multifunctional jewelry that reflects a very sensitive medical disability theme. It reflects not only the aim to aestheticize splints contemporarily, create new and perspective design objects but provide it with the narrative, thus challenging for the discussion. The main idea of this work is, that these health-promoting accessories can visualize personal disability not as some kind of deficiency but as a personal and individual feature with the way to positively interpret personal style. VIDEO -