Art & Us Book Design

Designer: Vilius Dringelis

Client: Lewben Art Foundation

After five years of activity, Lewben Art Foundation has published a book of selected works of foundation. In order to give meaning to the various periods of the fund, we have presented only visualisations of author’s works without informative text. At the end of the book is presented a small booklet, in which the author’s works are described according to the numbered pages of the book. During the process, we wanted to create a seamless and the same time abstract object - book, representing the activities for five years. Therefore, we had to find a common concept that would clearly and simply represent the book theme Art & Us. The principle of illustrations was chosen for this. The inspiration for the book Art & Us is the artist sketchbook, in which there are a lot of hand technical drawings, therefore, to enhance this effect, these stylistic textures were specially created for each page of the book. With this principle of the book, we reveal what lies behind the artist’s final work - research and the author’s hard work. The illustrations were hand drawn, then photographed, scanned, and computer-processed. The book selects three types of papers in order to better reveal the art works, archival documentation of exhibitions, and transparent markers. We used rough, yellowish paper for exhibition documentation and transparent markers with numbers are inserted between the pages to make the object as seamless as possible and to resemble the artist sketchbook. In order to convey the impression of the artist sketchbook, a binding technology was used for the book - kettle stitching. The main cover of the book is made of soft, transparent PVC sheet with single color silk-screen printing and designed pocket in the back for a smaller catalog. The first sheet of paper uses hot foil stamping, which is translucent through PVC and gives a two-layer impression. All main pages were printed with UV technology.