Ring collection Tags

Authors: Agnė Sventickaitė, bachelor's thesis, supervisor: professor Laima Kerienė

Client: Vilniaus Dailės Akademija

Ring collection Tags is a redesigned kaleidoscope. A new object in contemporary jewelry, with which I am trying to unmask that we are constantly leaving our personal data and information (tags) online. This piece was created by using non-traditional methods such as 3D printing along with unusual materials – phosphorus powder, mirrors, eco resin and silk. This project was based on a personal data theft that happened to me. This accident showed that it is a very relevant issue in today’s society. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a person that does not have a mobile device or access to the internet. Kaleidoscope is made from three mirrors which are connected with silk, rings go on top of the mirror construction. Rings are made from Plexiglas and eco resin. Everything works in a Lego principle, it can be disassembled and assembled in any desired way. The rings have handwritten words on them about cyber security which are quite hard to read. The words resemble complicated computer code which is hard to read as well. We are constantly leaving at least some data about ourselves when browsing, some mobile apps require access to our microphones and even cameras. I decided to call all of this information that we leave in the virtual world – Tags. Trying to find a way to metaphorically resemble those Tags I chose phosphorus powder, which is almost invisible in a normal lighting setting and visible only after exposing it to bright or UV light. Phosphorus powder is a great analogy to information left behind online, because if you do not put in the effort or lack the knowledge you can not see it.