“Cellular Automata”

Designers: Olga Voišnis, Gediminas Kirdeikis

"Cellular Automata's jewellery collection, based on the mathematical algorithm "The Game of Life". Each piece in this collection is unique, allowing for the creation of a collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery objects with a highly complex shape. "The Game of Life is a game without players. As the cells evolve from the initial state created by the designer and/or the Client, the final form is produced. The original game, designed by mathematician John Horton Conway, is an infinite grid of two-dimensional square cells, where each cell can be alive or dead (in other words, filled with matter or empty). As each cell reacts to its neighbours, different complex two-dimensional patterns are created. "Cellular Automata" collection adapts "The Game of Life" algorithm into three dimensions. An additional mathematical algorithm, "Marching-cubes", is used for the final expression of the volumetric object being created. This collection is based on the latest design technology - the parametric design model. The jewellery is produced using the most advanced metal printing technologies. The process of creating these jewellery objects can be divided into three stages. In the first stage, the designer plays the role of an engineer, creating a system capable of generating an infinite number of preliminary design variations. In the second stage, the designer acts as a curator, selecting the variations that best correspond to the final expression he or she imagines. In the third stage, the creator takes on the position of the designer: by changing, modifying and manipulating the selected forms, he regains full control over the final expression of the design object.