“Life is like a kaleidoscope”

Designer: Almantas Kunskas

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija, 2023

Inspired by Generation Z (~1995-2012), the clothing collection is characterised by childhood objects that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The main aim of this work is to create a wearable womenswear collection of unique fabric patterns reflected in the design, reflecting objects that are recognisable to Generation Z and evoke nostalgia. They are composed in a toy kaleidoscope. Based on the results of a survey of Generation Z members, the ten objects that attracted the most attention are: a Nokia phone, Uno cards, children's sand toys, "Miglė" candies, the character of Mėta Meškinija from the children's LRT television programme, "Irisai" candies, "Huba Buba" chewing gum, "Puponautai", "'Fortūna" candies, and the greeting card with the wish "Much joy". These objects are seen as a kaleidoscope of toys reminiscent of childhood, creating different patterns. Design reports are created on this principle, with the aim of conveying not only the objects but also a sense of nostalgia in the material. I also looked at the collection from a sustainability point of view, which is why I created it using more sustainable materials. I wanted them to contribute to a longer life of the garment. All the fabrics in the collection have the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD sustainability certification used worldwide. In the production and design process, every effort has been made to maintain a positive balance with the environment, from more environmentally friendly printing on the garments, to minimal water consumption, to the recycling of textile residues.