Visual identity


Authors: Dovydas Stonkus-dizaineris, Laimonas Trota-projektų vadovas, New agency

Client: Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybės kanceliarija

What is branding to represent Lithuania Abroad? In September 2020, the Lithuanian Representation Abroad 2020-2030 Strategy was prepared. The strategy refines four important areas for the state: economy, culture, governance and attracting talent, and social values: drive, the desire to improve, the freedom to create and the connection with nature. Areas and social values linked by common positioning: Lithuania – an open country to take on global challenges, to co-create and grow together. Challenges and our solution: Lithuania for the world is presented in many ways, without any consistency or conception, so united visual identity and recognition is missing. This situation creates a very fragmented image of Lithuania in the world. Imagine, no institution in Lithuania has a stable unified visual identity. Obviously, we aimed to create one that would unify them all, that would be consistent and equivalent. We are inviting you to co-create. By doing that, we aim to present not a static statement, but visual interaction, where participation is intuitive and involving. In user experience design, certain symbols have already become universally recognizable. The cleanest graphic solution with such meaning is the „plus“ sign. To represent Lithuania through the main directions of communication – economy, talent attraction, culture and management – an adaptive, multifaceted brand with a complete set of visuals was created including standard design templates as well as a website design. The new identity and its elements adapt to every institution's visual identity. It creates a unified feeling to all institutions when used in Lithuania Co-create communication.