Visual identity

Visual identity for the real estate project Cyber City

Autoriai: Dovydas Stonkus – designer , Jokūbas Mulerskas – designer, Ieva Zajankauskaitė – project manager

Klientas: Sparta, AB

Cyber City is a forward-looking real estate project in the centre of Vilnius, Naujamiestis. Though, it isn’t just an office space. It’s a future-proof hub with a vision to gather top tech talents and companies and create the best environment for them to work, grow and innovate. Challenge and solution: Make the tech hub's visual identity sound unique and fresh in a post corona era when people are used to working remotely. Also, it is a challenge to be exceptional, as more projects mean more clutter and sameness. We aimed to create a visual identity which would clearly show that it is the most unique real estate project for tech companies. New identity has an underlying idea – every big leap is a result of smaller steps. It can represent the creation of the most professional team of best talents attracted for the job, or just gathering huge amounts of data to find the right solution. We took Cyber City 's two C’s and created everything from them. This principle represents a completely owned way of creating visual things, everything will be unique in Cyber City because it is created from C. In addition to that, a custom typeface was created. Unique design system allowed us to create design materials that would stand out and communicate the progressiveness and drive. One of the examples is website design where our goal was to announce Cyber City coming not in a traditional way, but rather exceptionally unique. Therefore, together with our partners, we created dynamic C letter animations.