Interior elements

Vase collection “Dūmoti”

Author: Elena Mieželė

''Dūmoti'' collection is about making interpretations of old ethnographic objects. All the different items of this collection have one connecting thing - a black colour. Actually, there was a time when black was a dominant colour in the interior, especially in the kitchen space. In Lithuania, it was quite common among typical ethnographic wooden houses to not use the chimney. In this type of houses, people used only windows to release oven smoke. Most of the things which were close to the oven were totally black. The word ''Dūmoti'' in Lithuanian means sooty or smoky. ''Dūmoti'' collection consists of vases of various sizes - big ones were inspired by traditional Lithuanian Palm, which is better known as "Verba" - it is a typical oblong bouquet of dried flowers and plants. Usually, it has a very clear structure and expressive geometric silhouette. Smaller vases are more about traditional Lithuanian wood carving silhouettes. This vase is a minimalist palm interpretation. The idea of this interior accessories collection was to bring some history and ethnography to the modern interior.