Interior design

Interior Design of the Young Designer Prize 2020

Authors: Vladas Suncovas, Monika Janulevičiūtė

Client: VDA Design Innovation Center

The 10th “Young Designer Prize” is a follow-up event that started as a competition for novice designers and later became a design event aimed at a wider public. The project helps to discover Lithuanian design creators, design processes and encourages the society to understand the importance of design, its possibilities, and benefits in different areas, as well as to learn to evaluate design critically. This year, the visual communication of the “Young Designer Prize” exhibition aimed at maintaining continuity and providing a formal, but at the same time non-obscure structure. The jubilee exposition of the exhibition was created by focusing on the principle of an intermediate space - a staircase. The exhibition hall is a rectangular, diagonally divided structure resembling a staircase and accommodating most of the volumetric exhibits. Steps of different height were made by using the resources already available at the Vilnius Academy of Arts: the multifunctional XYZ exhibition system previously designed by the exhibition architect Vladas Suncovas and standard institutional countertops. Such non-excessive use of materials and forms in the exposition was chosen with the purpose of emphasizing the importance of sustainability that prevails in modern design. It is worth noting that the works of some of the participants are made from recycled materials. By using only cold, general lighting and by uncovering structural frameworks, the creations of fourteen different young designers are combined into a transparent whole. Separate numbered countertops and information posters of the same format hanging on the walls make it easy to distinguish the works from one another. The architecture of the exhibition is a transitional space: from internal to external, from private to public, from an individual developer to the market. Also, eventually, from a scientific institution to design practice outside of it.