Visual identity


Designers: Dadada Studio, Milda Šiulytė

UAB Lizdas

Unicorn Scooters, as a company, has a mission to ignite radical change and address the problem of urban pollution and traffic jams. The design of the scooter is very urban, which is why the identity of the brand follows the same path. During the identity creation process the main inspiration came from the product’s unique shape and name. We wanted to break the usual imagination about the Unicorn and created the first uni-coloured Unicorn in Lithuania! Unicorn is a word that comes loaded with connotations. Predictable references such as rainbows, shiny glitter and pink unicorn illustrations were avoided on purpose. A black and white unicorn? Why not! It’s fun, unexpected, and stands out. Break the Routine has become the main slogan that represents the vision of the brand. The logotype and the slogan dictate brave, bold and dynamic visual communication tones.