Designer: Agnė Šutrikaitė (Old Rabbit Design Studio)

Client: UAB Straikas

The Sip Sap juice catalogue was created to introduce the product to the shop employee, the bartender and the visitor of the exhibition stand – the customer himself. The purpose of the publication is to present sap in a contemporary, modern and familiar way. Since the Sip Sap logo has a broad brand-book, it was strongly followed, and the colours, fonts and illustrations were used accordingly. However, each taste had a “personality” created to show the image that is characteristic of each product's taste. Photographing at the graffiti walls of the city of Vilnius was organized, thus conveying today's emotion, youthful creativity and the liveliness of the product itself - sap. The catalog consists of 40 pages, along with cover sheets and page notes. The soft-touch paper used for the cover, the UV varnish for details. Inner pages - textured, "book" paper.