Visual identity

“Undo” branding & packaging

Designers: „Great&Golden“

Client: „Effortel SA“, 2023

UNDO is a first carbon neutral Belgian mobile virtual network operator with a mission to make people aware of the CO2 emissions of their smartphone use and help them reduce their ecological footprint. Our task was to create strategy, naming, visual identity & packaging for this courageous brand. As a carbon-neutral mobile operator, UNDO's branding is based on eco-design principles, aimed at reducing digital emissions. We use duotone low-resolution image filter. It intentionally pixelates high-resolution images, resulting in a distinctive visual style and lightweight files. Higher resolution product are loaded only on demand. Then, accessibility-compliant limited colour combinations with an AAA contrast ratio. System fonts used, which means that when a website loads, the font doesn’t have to be downloaded by the browser. Square grid works as a flat, 2-colour design element of flipping cards, it represents the concept of reversal and the choice given to you - to UNDO. It works as a distinctive asset throughout the visual identity. Sustainable packaging is also a step towards being more conscious. The dielines are created specially, to achieve a distinctive look&feel. We used the principle of origami - folding in different directions, this way having a special opening moment. Moreover, the main inspiration comes from the flipping cards with cut corners or the SIM card. Two envelopes were created - one for the sim card, the outer serves as a mailer. Printed graphics emphasise the branding - only one colour print and bold graphics. Selected paper is recyclable, having carbon compensated credits. We managed to select the exact brand coloured papers and use all 4 of them. We used the moment of doing - undoing - the specially created envelope has a tearing part pointing out the brand’s main idea. Once you tear it you cannot UNDO it… Or can you?