Product and industrial design

Wireless race car scales PRO

Designers: studio "Laba7“

Integrated accuracy: instead of the usual single load cell, our scales have four at each corner of the pad. This eliminates the potential for human error when a race car is parked off-centre and gives an inaccurate reading. Four sensors in one unit also guarantee unrivalled accuracy. Wireless efficiency: we have done away with the mandatory data scanning devices, which are still wired in many existing scales. Instead, we've used Bluetooth 5.1 technology, allowing users to effortlessly connect the scales to their Android and iOS devices. This solution helps to simplify measurements, read data efficiently and protect the environment. User-centric levelling: perfect levelling is the key to a race car's ideal weight balance and its success on track. We've installed five rotating levelling feet on each weighing pad and installed a laser levelling system. This provides an intuitive solution to a fundamental problem. Design aesthetics: the sleek, minimalist profile, made from premium materials such as solid pre-formed aluminium, creates the image of a sophisticated and professional installation. The adaptability of these scales to motorsport applications, from small go-karts to off-road trucks, demonstrates our commitment to versatile design and function. With their sleek looks and top-notch functionality, the scales will shine in both racing pitstops and elite workshops. Laba7's PRO wireless race car scales seamlessly combine design aesthetics with function. It's not just a tool, it's a futuristic race car tuning experience.