Visual identity

TRÖÖSIK gummy package

Designers: Martynas Bacvinka, Ugnė Akstinaitė, Marius Kneipferavičius (“TRUTH” agency)

Client: Vilniaus Pergalė

Creating sweets for teenagers is not an easy task. While creating new chews for a market dominated by gummy bears and other typical candies we had to think outside the box. First of all, we designed candies looking like underwear in various styles, from briefs to boxers. Next, we created the name Tröösik, which has a lot of similarities to the slang word ‘triusikai’, meaning underwear. Then all we had to do was pack all these tasty gummies to the washing machine and send them to the stores. This category-shaking product is now spreading across Lithuania and clearly represents the idea that you can fight the market leaders just by challenging the rules of the category.