Designer: Simonas Milišauskas

The aim of the CHRONO project is to create relatively cheap, fully amputated prosthetic fingers that would enhance a wounded hand’s functionality, improve psychological wellbeing and bring back the feeling of being whole again. The prosthetics are created using 3D scanning, 3D printing and compliant mechanism technologies. The CHRONO design strengthens the ability to grab, hold, push and grasp, while not obstructing the natural movements of the palm. Compared with other prosthetics, it has a solid, inexpensive, aesthetic and lifelike design. The artificial finger is controlled with the help of the healthy finger next to it. It is attached to the palm with a leather strip. Any part of the design can be cheaply replaced in the event of breaking, and the ability to enjoy one’s damaged hand and not hide it is essential when aiming to restore an individual’s psychological wellbeing.