The playing table

Designer: Ieva Prunskaitė

Client: private

The playing table is an item of multifunctional furniture with an aesthetic minimalist design. Its primary function as a desk (home office) is supplemented by the possibility to accommodate and play an electronic piano, using the construction of the table as an electronic piano holder. The story of creating a table: often saving children's room space raises the question of how to accommodate everything that would meet the child's needs, but still leave a clean space for games, sports or other leisure activities. There are a lot of children playing music, but how many of their rooms will find space for a piano. After all, how inconvenient to play music every time, pull the electronic piano out of the closet, bend its legs, turn on the power. This is where the idea came to create multifunctional furniture that would be primarily suitable for science: concealed electrical plugs conveniently integrated into the table, and boxes for pens or other details. A secondary function of the table is an electronic piano tray and a convenient holder when you want to play the piano. If you want to play, all you have to do is open the tabletop, attach a note holder to the back of the table, in a specially designated place, and please. The piano is ready. The power supply never needs to be switched on as it is simply permanently plugged into the sockets integrated into the table. How fun it is when you can easily change activities, such as: wanting to do homework or drawing, playing a little bit, taking a break while still reading a book, and again you can sit down to play music without any hassle. And all this does not take up space in your room and does not force unnecessary handling.