Fashion accessories


Author: Dijuota Žilytė

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija,

Magu (Chinese-Ma-ku) is a celestial being associated with the elixir and longevity of life. The name becomes a symbolic reference creating a hemp fabric jacket. The main goal of the project was to recall the advantages of hemp fabric. This is the first attempt to return the culture of hemp fiber fabric wearing to the Lithuanian market. The potential of hemp fabric has been forgotten in Lithuania for many years. The jacket is made of 100% natural hemp fiber fabric dyed with indigo dye. For this reason, the clothing is suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone people, has antibacterial properties, does not absorb sweat odor. Hemp fiber is the most durable of all natural fibers, so the textile design products made from it last a particularly long time. In addition, hemp fiber fabrics do not wrinkle, do not mold, repel moths, better than other fiber textiles protect against UV rays. Cannabis is mostly grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, it is an organic plant fiber. Clothing design - multifunctional and universal. It is a transformative garment where a long jacket turns into a short jacket or vest, with or without sleeves. The clothing model can adapt to different life situations, weather changes, clothing combinations. This feature of the jacket prevents the garment from becaming boring (it is a durable, long-wearing jacket). The construction of the jacket consists of a short vest, two sleeves, an extension and a belt. These model parts can be manipulated according to the needs of each person by easily attaching or removing individual segments with the help of zippers.