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The Multifunctional Textile

Authors: Ieva Šlekytė Gasiūnienė, Laura Pavilonytė Ežerskienė, Austė Jurgelionytė Varnė

Client: VŠĮ."Balta balta"

"Balta balta" product design is based on the brand’s underlying design principles of simplicity, beauty of colours from plants, comfort, ease, function, versatility prevail and on the ideology of respect for the environment throughout every stage of luxury product creation. The Multifunctional Textile collection was created in an exciting design innovation project "WORTH Partnership Project" The habit of having too many things and consuming excessively is a real issue for the environment. As textile designers-artists, we often use our personal things with many purposes, sometimes even without thinking about it. Meanwhile, in our homeland, this kind of resourcefulness is an old tradition. The same hand woven fabric used to be passed from generation to generation and implemented a role of many different things – a cover, a tablecloth, a cloak, a blanket, even a baby carrier. We thought that this kind of mindful approach could encourage people to reconsider their consumption habits and also inspire their creativity. Innovative "Multifunctional textile" design allows transforming home textile product into a wearable textile and offers a creative way to encourage consumers to reduce their demands. The collection consists of four multifunctional objects Sports, Travel, Spa, Raw.