7.1 Chair

Author: Nikita Bukoros

Client: EMKO

The 7.1 chair by Ukrainian designer Nikita Bukoros is a traditional look sturdy dining chair. It well fits both — your personal dining ritual at home or sophisticated dinner at the restaurant. A spoon-like backrest holder made from casted and polished brass is a distinctive feature of the 7.1 chair. It also refers to family traditions and cozy stories shared around the table. Moreover, 7.1 is the volume of a dessert spoon in the imperial Apothecaries system and the inspiration behind this chair. Just like dessert is the final chord of a great dinner, the 7.1 chair is the cherry on top of the modern interior. Four versions of the chair are available. Choose lacquered oak with beige woven upholstery or beige velour, either black painted oak with moss green velour or coal-black has woven upholstery. , ,