SKŪL Lithuanian Graphic Design Magazine

Designer: Jogaila Jurgelis

Vilnius College of Design

Until now, the progress of Lithuanian graphic design and the development of its identity has not been well documented, so the intention of this publication has been to capture the history and evolution of Lithuanian graphic design. The magazine combines three dimensions in time, the past, present and future, each part of which is related to the graphic design of a particular period and analyses potential mistakes. The magazine also gives readers the chance to get acquainted with designers and artists. The first part tells the readers about the beginning of Lithuanian graphic design, a story about the artists. The inspirations of that time, creative crises and works in progress interconnect in the past. The present reviews the achievements of graphic design, the most beautiful books of the year are introduced and the Good Design Awards are described. Readers will also find interviews with modern creators, who they were then and who they are now. The future is always based on assumptions, but the last section of the magazine also discusses the future scenarios of Lithuanian graphic design. What can we expect?