Interior design


Designers: Vidmantas Kančiauskas, Natalija Baran, Taura Šerkšnaitė, Vilius Bružas

Client: Vilnius Grand Resort, UAB Villon

Before reconstruction, traditional Lithuanian wooden architecture dominated the style of the golf club. At the request of the client, the building had to be changed into a full-fledged golf club with new reception, shop, changing rooms, restaurant and ancillary facilities. By adding new functions, the goal was to find a connection and harmony with the surrounding environment. Since its completion, the building has become the centre of this multifunctional golf course. The volume of the building is limited by two horizons – a prominent terrace and a flat roof. As a contrast to the surrounding environment, these two elements emphasize the strict horizontal character of the building. Large showcase windows overlooking the rolling hills and natural lakes are at the centre of interior’s attention. Nature becomes part of the interior. The simplicity of the plan enables the spaces to be structured without corridors. The interior is open, without clear visual limits, so it enables a division into zones with the help of the interior elements rather than by the walls. In this way, the function of the building’s zones can be altered by shuffling the furniture. The purpose of the materials used in the façades and interior décor is to highlight the simplicity of the shape of the building. Concrete, hardwood sawdust, glass and granite tiles are associated with naturally rough material aesthetics. Outdoor granite stone paving tiles naturally enter the building, while the façade’s exterior and interior walls have the same motifs. An unprocessed concrete outdoor texture is recaptured in the interior on the floor, blurring the line between the inside and the outside.