Services and social design


Author: Giedrė Voverytė

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija

Ratùto is a set of modified ethno games. It consists of five games, but there are four categories - dexterity, strength, accuracy, teamwork. The strength category consists of two games: "Pulling of stick" (legs are attached to the board. When player pulling the stick rises from the ground- he/she lose) and “Sliping through a arc" (going under an arc while touching the ground only with feet). Dexterity includes the game "Twining to the center", which shows the dexterity of the fingers (a strip is twining around the object to the center. The aim of the game is to reach the central object first). In an “accuracy game” I used a form of spindle. Participants have to throw a ball into the holes of spindle. (If it hits a circle with the sun, the points burn.) In a teamwork game, players compete in pairs - their goal is to reach the finish line faster than other pair with their legs tied (legs are attached to objects with velcro). The aim of this set is to acquaint the public with the games that existed in the Lithuanian past with specially created tools. The games are connected by oak wood, green color and repetitive shapes. The old Lithuanian games were played with simple, found tools, so the Ratùto game set is distinguished by the fact that the old Lithuanian games were viewed from the design point of view, adapting them to the modern consumer and mass production.