Visual identity

Natix explanatory animation

Authors: Otilija Morozaitė, Ignas Kairelis, Dovilė Macijauskaitė (Stepdraw)

Client: Natix

The concept of this idea is to present Natix’s product in a minimalistic and solid way using geometric lines, subtle 2D and 3D animations, gradient textures and glowing effects. This stylistic approach allows to convey the essence of the Natix without any unnecessary interference and also captures the viewer’s attention with exceptional presentation. The illustrations are quite abstract, but the essential information is clearly expressed using geometrical shapes, infographic numbers, words and specific icons. Subtle figures are complemented by American-English voice over, which combines all the elements. After watching this animation, the viewer will get a clear vision of what Natix is, how it helps the user and changes the tech world. Link to video: