Visual identity

Packaging design for Lithuanian rye bread

Designers: Gintarė Marcinkevičienė, Remigijus Matukaitis, Edvardas Kavarskas, Irmantas Savulionis („Étiquette“) 

Client: UAB „Vilniaus duona“ 

Lithuania’s biggest bread manufacturers don’t sell many loaves of rye bread anymore, and since the number of tourists and emigrants periodically coming back is rising, a decision to exploit this open niche was made. Vilniaus Duona is the country’s oldest bakery, still keeping the old traditions of baking alive. An introduction to this product is a tribute to those established practices and a chance to secure the image of the professional bread baker for the long term. The commemorative product simply had to have exceptional packaging that could communicate both the Lithuanian character and old-age traditions of baking rye bread. Suitable for different occasions, the festive package makes it a great gift or an attractive item to buy at an airport. Delving into the traditions of baking bread – which by the way have quite a number of rituals – gave us the answer. A single loaf has to go through a lot before ending up on the table, and this long journey has many Lithuanian folk songs dedicated to it. So the road for the bread became the main element of inspiration: by interpreting the style of wood carvings, we’re telling stories about the dawn and fields full of fresh breaths. Tales of rye and mist, all whispering the name of bread. It’s a sacred, authentic story. To emphasise the sanctity of these processes, we chose a dark brown background, which creates associations with the ground and the soil, while the road for the bread itself is cast in gold, giving it a noble touch. The combination of dark tones and gold is recognised by Lithuanian consumers as a sign of elegance.