Packaging design

Modern Olive OIl Packaging Design

Authors: Viktorija Junčė, FOKSAS Marketing & Creative Director, Monika Skrebytė, FOKSAS designer

Client: FOKSAS

This year we introduced this extra low acidity olive oil. The quality of this oil is very high so we wanted to create an exceptional and premium design, which would reflect that, a design that we like to think would serve as an interior decoration as well. In the Label itself, the main focal point is an olive branch and motives of a drop falling off it. These are attention grabbing elements that create an exclusive look. The Greek style font is intentional as well, it is there to represent the origin of the oil. Also, the label highlights the best qualities of the oil – its low acidity and extra virgin purity. When contemplating which packaging we should choose for this oil, we paid great attention to the fact that the design should be easy to replicate from glass bottles to tin cans. That is the reason we chose round packing. Apart from memorable packaging, the oil is very easy to use. Both sides of the packaging are equipped with dispensers, especially in tin cans, it is very easy to extend with a light touch. Its modern and functional design is made for a modern consumer.