Product and industrial design

From Foam to Dust

Author: Michael Mccready

Client: Studio Michael Mccready

The ''Table Clock'' is the first object from the collection ''From Foam To Dust''. The collection reflects the themes of creation, time and mortality. Throughout our lives we search for meaning, the reasons for our existence and the inevitable end that comes to us all. In Lithuania on All Saints Day people gather at the local necropolis to pay their respects to the dead, the dark nights quickly become awash with candle light, prayers and the necropolis comes alive with the presence of the living. Many different elements are visible here, from the glow created by the candles to the flowers and other ''gifts'' left by the visitors and, the boundaries between life and death seem to blur. Coming to terms with our existence and death is a struggle for many however perhaps these yearly trips to the necropolis help to provide perspective for the journey we all must take and these objects can be a daily reminder that we are not alone in our individual journeys through life. Time is something that we all experience differently, yet we all exist inside it’s structure. The clock form resembles that of a classic gravestone and the circular hands are symbolic of our life cycle. The material embodies the earth we all inhabit, born of kinetic molten energy, frozen once reaching its mature form and once again returning to the earth after it's own life cycle is complete.The Clocks are made with Aluminium Foam, This material is strong, light and corrosion resistant. The foam structure of the material allows us to create volume and texture using a much smaller percentage of raw aluminium. We designed the clocks to reduce material consumption and waste, Aluminium is a highly recyclable metal with a low melting point and 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation today.