Interior elements

“Luonnonvalo” weather lamp

Designer: Anna Abdrashitova

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija, 2022

Nowadays, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors: we miss the changes in the beautiful weather outside and don't see how one shade of sky magically changes to another. "The Luonnonvalo" weather lamp brings these natural phenomena into your living room, making you feel closer to nature. Even if you don't have any windows in your room or don't have time to sit back and enjoy the view, you will still feel connected to the outside world as the lamp conveys the weather conditions through light and colour. In addition, in certain weather conditions, especially in winter in northern countries, we need a light source to warm up the room environment. In this case, "The Luonnonval" lamp detects the light according to the level of darkness and greyness outside. The lamp is connected to an online weather forecast and automatically sets the light gradient to match the current weather conditions. It has two main modes: one opposite the current weather and one that simulates it. So the user can adapt it to any space, with or without natural light sources. Each mode has 20 different colour combinations for different weather conditions. The name of the luminaire is inspired by the Finnish word "luonnonvalo", which means natural light.