Interior elements

“Full moon” luminaire

Designer: Aušra Pangonienė

Client: UAB „JMP Group“, 2023

The design of the luminaire is inspired by a combination of asymmetry and balance, using clear lines and a cylindrical shape. It is a source of cosy, complementary light for interiors. The shape of the luminaire is very simple, but also striking. It is unexpected that it is as if there are two different designs of luminaires, depending on which side is used as the front. On one side, the luminaire is completely minimalist. The visible cylinder seems to rest on a single support and balances in the air, as the rear support disappears when the luminaire is lit. On the other side of the luminaire, the internal functional structure is completely open and serves perfectly as a design element. However, the style of the product itself changes slightly, from minimalist to close to techno. In terms of function, compactness is very important, so that the luminaire can be accommodated even in small homes. Its special shape makes it suitable for windowsills, shelves and does not require additional surfaces. The beauty of natural materials is exploited: metal (aluminium) and paper painted in a warm white tone. A cosy, pleasant light comes through the warm texture of the paper. The combination of materials chosen makes the luminaire extremely light and recyclable.