Packaging design

“La Petite Patisserie” bakery

Designer: Emilija Užukauskienė

Client: UAB „Aš kietas“

French bakery La Petite Patisserie is known as a charming, alluring place, filled with crunchy baguettes, buttery croissants, and decadent pastries. Visual identity is simple yet straightforward. All visual elements, color palettes, and other components were chosen carefully to create a distinct cozy, and welcoming identity, furthermore to tell a message about the importance of fresh bread and pastry traditions. Brand identity is visually „fresh" and eye-catching, it helps accentuate the main message with less distracting design elements. At the heart of the identity lies a new logo and packaging. I've created 4 different packaging boxes for confectionery, three sizes of paper bags for bread and snacks, and two sizes of shopping bags. The inner side of all paper packaging was covered with special anti-grease protection, ensuring the long-term freshness of the product and the aesthetic appearance. The functional approach of packaging was a major important part. Unique no glue cake boxes are self-locking and do not require any adhesive upon assembly making it extremely convenient and time efficient to package cakes and baked goods. All boxes have a user-oriented construction design that easily allows you to insert or remove the product by just folding down the front wall of the box. The identity and packaging design of La Petite Patisserie represent the tradition and beauty of French flavors.