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“Edurega” Remote Learning Device

Designers: studio „Desdorp“ (Deividas Juozulynas, Valdonė Brazauskaitė)

First-person videos are one of the most effective ways to learn practical skills. This is particularly relevant when it is not physically possible to capture the process or repeat it. ""Edurega" is a head-mounted device that allows you to give a personal perspective of a practical professional job to another person. The person wishing to transfer knowledge uses the device to create a high-quality video and audio recording. Others who have access to the recording can learn by viewing it many times. The device has a laconic appearance with a few distinctive elements. The front of the device is equipped with a video camera with additional lighting function and a microphone. The electronics are integrated inside the box and the sides are equipped with removable rechargeable batteries. To record an image, the user presses a button on the case. After a few vibration signals, the desired process can be narrated. When the recording is finished, the button is pressed again. The video is then transferred to a dedicated educational platform where it can be edited. Unlike competitors on the market, the device, together with the online platform, allows the creation of immersive educational content for distance learning to improve practical skills. For businesses, this is an innovative way to train their employees and increase their competences, and for educational institutions to transfer practical skills to students.