Packaging design

“Try on the feeling“

Designer: Gretė Labanauskaitė

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija, 2023

The Master's thesis presents an artistic research that bridges the gap between blind and sighted people and promotes the normalisation of visual impairment through non-visual fashion objects. The research explored ways to address the problems faced by blind people who want to experience fashion and its creations in a non-visual way. The differences and similarities between the senses of visually impaired and sighted people were explored and described. Unique materials have been developed that are most conducive to the senses of blind and sighted people, and fashion objects have been made from these materials that are perceived by touch, hearing and smell rather than by sight. The creative project " Try on the Feeling" aims to allow blind people to fully experience fashion without exclusion, and for sighted perceivers to rediscover the benefits and richness of their senses.