Fashion accessories

Convertible backpacks “Less is more”

Author: dr. Elzė Sakalinskaitė ir Milita Balčaitytė (BAGIC brand)

Client: Vilniaus dailės akademija,

To make our world into a slightly better place and stop the spread of ever-growing consumerism, each and every one of us should take a few small steps and make minor adjustments in our lives. Our step of choice was to create a novice product, made to help our customers to have less things but keep their daily life equally easy and enjoyable. That is how the LESS IS MORE collection was born: a selection of fully transformable backpacks created so that one item (a foldable bag with a twist) could replace SIX such items. Besides being so practical, this backpack is also a dash of style and playfulness in one’s everyday life. BAGIC patent-protected bags have a unique design that allows them to be folded and transformed into six different and distinctive looks. With a pull of a string, your backpack can easily transform into a tote or shopping bag, a smaller backpack, etc. It was not only the design that enabled us to contribute to our eco-friendly approach to fashion. We had also chosen eco-friendly and biodegradable pineapple fiber. This innovative fabric has an amazing effect: due to how long-lasting it is, it can be used for a very long time and thus contribute to lesser waste and consumerism caused by one’s fashion choices. And that is how our motto - GET SOME MAGIC WITH BAGIC – is a fashion statement for aware and eco-friendly consumers. We are here to give our clients an amazing chance to have a beautiful wardrobe item and a chance to be a part of the Earth-changing solution.;