Citizen Dining Set

Author: etc.etc.

Client: EMKO

An elegant and clear design language is the main feature of the new Citizen Dining Set. Crafted from sustainable, natural materials – solid oak and veneered plywood – these effortless pieces perfectly match together and create a welcoming mood. More about the Citizen Table: Uncovered round legs expose the clean structure of the table and highlight the beauty of the wooden texture. Designed to enjoy a memorable time with our loved ones, Citizen is a highly versatile piece. It is available in three sizes — square as well as smaller or larger rectangular. This way, the table fits various purposes and interiors — from compact apartments to spacious restaurants or hotels. More about the Citizen Chair: Citizen is a minimal dining chair with subtle details emphasizing its construction. The chair features rounded legs that offset from a square seat. Each leg casts a soft shadow on the body and renders a balanced posture of the chair. Moreover, light and elegant Citizen chairs are easy to stack, allowing to quickly transform the space or store the chairs when not in use. Inclined seat and sturdy construction ensure the best comfort for whatever you are immersing into — from family gatherings at home to sophisticated dinners at the restaurant. The best part? The Citizen chair proposes two different backrests that give birth to two unique characters. As citizens may be good or bad, you can choose your side — square or round backrest chair in natural either black painted oak. Both these characters harmoniously mix and complement each other around a dining table, prompting the artistic atmosphere of the room. , ,