Packaging design

Coffee comic pack “96 reasons to…”

Designer: Dovilė Džervutė-Laurinkienė, illustrator: Inga Plungytė

Client: „Kava96°C“

96 reasons to choose coffee. Why KAVA96°C? A good cup of coffee consists of many small and sometimes extremely precise details. 96°C is the water temperature for perfect coffee preparation. Some good things just don't change. KAVA96°C is exactly that kind of coffee – attitude to every single thing, without any unnecessary details and proudly presented in an exclusive package. There will always be a good reason to drink a cup of coffee with a friend, colleague, mother, brother, or lover... or maybe keeping this precious moment just for yourself? We used visual storytelling, when designing coffee packaging and ended with the comic strip "96 Reasons". 96 illustrations for 96 reasons (to drink coffee) that reflect everyday life: sometimes fun adventures or nostalgic and boring days brightened by a cup of coffee. We marked coffee packages with numbers of a certain reason to reflect a ritual and a ritual - we invite to enjoy coffee and follow the news of our comic. The packaging design is clean and minimal, just like the idea of the coffee itself, highlighting the illustrations and the concept of coffee becoming a fun daily ritual.