Multimedia design

“Inion” generative design

Designers: UAB „Inion LT“: Adomas Jazdauskas, Justina Čiačytė, Mindaugas Dudėnas, Rokas Mežetis

Inion is a software and hardware developer that analyzes and estimates PV plants' performance, allowing more efficient electricity use. Inion created a system that de-clutters complex information and makes it user-friendly for any PV plant owner. Inion brand uses binary code in every step of the process, prompting us to explore ways to represent it in the brand's visual language. We reimagined the binary code by turning the ones and zeros into a graphic pattern. Because each letter and symbol can be translated into binary code, we created a generative tool that transforms any word into a stylized Inion pattern. Inion pattern is always different, unique and has a coded meaning. For Inion, zeros and ones are true things of beauty, both figuratively and literally.