Multimedia design

Artery Generative Design

Authors: Adomas Jazdauskas, Marius Stankevičius, Mindaugas Dudėnas, Rokas Mežetis

Client: Lords LB Asset Management

CONTEXT. ARTERY is a business center in Vilnius, designed by the famous Daniel Libeskind, renowned internationally for his jagged deconstructivism. The building (still under construction) is set to become one of the greatest highlights of the urban landscape in the capital of Lithuania. ARTERY sits at the confluence of all major currents of city life. This spot is always alive. It is where people come to work, shop, spend their free time, enjoy culture and nature. CHALLANGE. The challenge was not only to create an identity that stands out from the greyish dullness of business centers but to express the pulsating nature of the name, to capture the sharpness of Libeskind’s architecture, and to embody the liveliness of the building’s location. SOLUTION. At the heart of our solution was the idea to use generative design technology. It allows to continuously change form to represent the brave and energetic nature of the brand. The ARTERY logo constantly changes. This dynamic is linked to the time of day, which makes it a living organism of sorts and represents the rhythm of the city – coming to life in the morning, reaching the peak of intensity by midday, and slowing down at night. GENERATIVE TOOL. A special tool is used to generate the different designs, which allows to distort the logo in a controlled manner and create an infinite number of its versions. The intensity of distortion and the number of letters to be distorted can be set within the tool parameters. The tool is also used to generate other graphic elements applying the same principles. The ARTERY logo does not have a single and fixed appearance and can therefore be different every time it is used in a static medium. The vibrant visual identity was further complemented by 3D illustrations that sought to capture the emotion and aesthetic of the ARTERY business center, rather than display the boring visualizations of buildings..