Multimedia design

“An Unexpected Visit”

Designer: Elzė Janutaitė

My thesis aims to encourage members of society to avoid stigmatising migraine sufferers, and to learn to listen, help and understand. I also want to encourage people who suffer from migraine, or even from other conditions that are invisible to others, not to close themselves off and to talk about it in public. In this short, informative animation, which addresses an audience that lacks awareness of the importance of migraine and its triggers, I depict everyday environments and situations where various migraine triggers are present. There are four of them: smell, light, stress and sound. In the introduction, the viewer is placed in the symbolic chair of a migraine sufferer. First a connection is established and then the action is presented from the perspective of the migraine sufferer. The animation has only 2 colours - red and white. These are used to create an image of calm and aggression for the viewer. The white colour also reflects the normal perspective of the environment, while the red colour reflects the perspective of the migraine sufferer. The short, informative animation is full of various hidden symbols that have their own meaning and can be interpreted by the viewer.