Packaging design

fwd/: CBD oils and caps

Designer: Dovilė Džervutė-Laurinkienė, photographer: Indrė Brazdeikytė

Client: fwd/: CBD, 2022 m.

Our team studying the subtleties of medicinal plants and the effects of their products clearly recognises the benefits of Cannabis sativa L. not only for human well-being and health, but also for the little (big) things that happen in daily life. And more! Cannabis sativa L. plantations play an important role in creating a sustainable and green world of the future. The versatility of this plant is undeniable, but as a team of pharmacists, scientists and healthy living experts, we recommend products that are a gift to your body: CBD supplements, healing teas, superfoods. fwd:/, or the Forward brand, is all about living, and life is about moving - forward. We've put the joy of living one life at a time into tiny bottles, packaged in neon colours. Our choice is bold and a little dangerous, a little boundary-blurring, but certainly fun, a pain in your eyes (but subtly aesthetic). It is not destined to go unnoticed, and neither are our clients. Charming. Bold. Bright. LET IT BE EASY-GOING.