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Authors: Laimutė Varkalaitė, Povilas Daknys kūrybos direktorius

Client: SavingSpot

124 original characters, 75 of their adaptations, 6 maps of the continents and, finally, the map of the whole WORLD OF CRYPTIDS – all accomplished in 97 days. The aim of the project was to research and visualize one mythological creature of each country, to show their variety and uniqueness. My mission was to illustrate these characters as well as the maps, supplementing them with a decorative typeface. The work that lasted over 13 weeks was a great challenge to all the team. The project was developed in several steps: 1. The research. Finding out what mythical creatures live in every country of the world; 2. The result of the research. Systemizing the research material and finding out which one of the creatures is most representative of a particular country; 3. The creative process. Stylizing the characters and finalizing their presentation; 4. The result. The essential features of the graphic style: • The linear drawing of the characters is based on a logical construction: the lines meet each other and lead the eyes along the silhouette; • Characters look like sculptures. Such an impression is conveyed by a combination of geometric forms, the graphic features of academic drawing, and by the characteristics of materials; • Each cryptid resembles a sign and is well identified in small size; • All characters conclude a unified set of cryptids. Since the first publication on the client’s “SavingSpot” blog (18-10-2020) the project has widely spread on other websites. And now people from around the world can get acquainted with one most significant mythological creature of each country and in their own country as well. Thanks to Povilas Daknys, the NeoMam Studios and the client SavingSpot, to my family, Kęstutis Ežerskis, prof. Libertas Klimka and Aistė Jankūnė.