Visual identity

Visual Identity Freiheit lofts

Creative Manager - Ignas Kozlovas, Strategist - Justina Muralytė, Designer - Arnas Augutis, Project Manager - Elina Kondraščenko

Client: Baltic Asset Management

Real estate developer Baltic Asset Management decided to go bold – they bought a historic, yet abandoned factory in the industrial side of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, with the goal to convert it to the biggest loft complex in the Baltic states. The main problem everyone was concerned with – the location, that is far (literally speaking) from being top choice to live in. The area is much more seen as a place you want to drive by rather than settle in. However, it looked like a great opportunity for us – we decided that instead of inviting people to become residents, we will invite them to be a part of the independent community. A part of the great beginning of the area's future conversion as it is planned by Vilnius Municipality. We called it FREIHEIT. Here Vilnius meets Berlin, nature meets industry, a little bit of old meets great potential for new. Undiscovered side of Vilnius is waking up for a new life. From the abandoned factory to the movement – positioning, naming, logotype, visual and verbal identity by FOLK.