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Advertising column with integrated payment system

Authors: Mantas Velykis, Marius Kneipferavičius, Artūras Kirslys

Client: AB Šiaulių bankas

At the end of October 2019, one of the biggest ecological disasters in a decade happened in Lithuania. Fire at one of the tire recycling facilities in Alytus municipality became unprecedented disaster bringing firefighters from across the country and fire was stopped only after 7 days of work. Obviously, this kind of disaster demanded a lot of resources from Alytus municipality. So ŠIAULIŲ BANKAS – a local bank with the widest network of branches decided to step in (even though it is only 4th biggest bank in the country). We observed that support for the municipality was organized in a chaotic way and lacked convenient ways to show support. In cooperation with outdoor advertising company JCDecaux and electronic payment system makers EPS we created an outdoor ad with an integrated contactless payment system. Everyone who touched the ad with their payment card would donate 1 euro to Alytus municipality. The ad also changed its appearance during donation collection. It started all black and during fund collection, it was getting cleaner (to symbolize progress of funding) until in the end, ad revealed a simple THANK YOU message. This new ad format helped us not only collect donations in a new, easy and engaging way but bring attention to an important topic. This also became a new platform for various charity organizations to collect funds. Currently, ŠIAULIŲ BANKAS is in talks with various charities in Lithuania to launch more donation collecting ads absolutely free of charge. You can see ad demonstration on this link: