Costume design

Upcycled by Sparrow V Modular coat

Designers: Lina Žvirblytė and Vida Strasevičiūtė

The essential feature of this multifunctional, multi-seasonal, unisex coat is its modularity. The wind- and water-resistant raincoat can be duplicated with a fur or wool coat made of secondary raw materials. And each of the modules can be worn separately. The first module, The Raincoat, is made of moisture-repellent fabric with a double zip, additional magnetic clasp and two comfortable watertight pockets. The minimal number of details makes its style and function more universal. The second module, The Fur Coat, is made of waste from sheepskin fur and has a hood and lining and closes with a zip. Attached to the raincoat, it becomes super-warm. The third module, The Wool Coat, is made of fabric leftovers from Lithuanian light industry companies. While the silhouettes of the coat are unified, each of the fabrics, materials and colours are different and unique. The modularity of the coat enables consumers not only to choose modules according to their personal needs and tastes but also to adapt their own outdoor wear to the changing weather.