Fashion accessories

T H E C O N C R E T E C I T Y | K A U N A S | Jewellery Collection

Designer: Gerda Liudvinavičiūtė

Client: CELSIUS 273

This collection invites you to take a fresh look at Kaunas’ incredible architecture and discover its connections to yourself, to sense the impetus of the city, to feel the synthesis of space and human experiences brought together in detail. The collection is devoted to the city’s interwar modernist architecture. Seven of the most prominent structures were selected and seven different pieces of jewellery were created to reflect the main accents of these buildings, for example the façade of the M.K.Čiurlionis Museum, the famous owl of Owls’ Hill and a modern reflection of the hills, etc.). A collection of piercings and men’s cufflinks was created, as well as an architectural silver construction, the lower part of which can be changed to create a unique city within us, to better understand the city’s human experiences. The collection is a synthesis of different visual artistic directions, encouraging us to look again at history and think about what modernism is now and what it was then. To encourage people to love what has been seen by bringing new accents and promoting a renewed love for the city.